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Hello BookLikes!

So I just discovered this site. BookLikes was founded on 2011. Why haven't I known this website before? 


This is actually a brilliant web application for book lovers! 


BookLikes = Goodreads as a cataloging website + Tumblr as a microblogging platform + social media


Things I like so far:

  1. Easy to navigate
  2. The rating system. Half star, baby!
  3. The option to create a description for reading list 
  4. BookLikes has a lot of potential. It will solve many problems for the book bloggers (when BookLikes gets popular, lol)

    a) It will save you the trouble of creating and maintaining social media accounts to promote your blog and such. (A bit idealistic though since it has to kick Facebook off the curb first, ha ha)

    b) You do not have duplicate your review anymore (e.g. copy/pasting to Goodreads).

5. I just love Tumblr and it was very similar to it so..

6. I need to explore more so I can have a number 6.


It's good that it was already similar to the former websites because it will be convenient for the users to navigate the site due to their familiarity with the interface, but.. users will compare. For example, they will expect to find other features such as the easy star rating of the book, liking and commenting other reviews from the book page, and seeing the actual average rating of the book, etc. In Tumblr, the easy way for liking and reblogging post from the user's profile.


I guess it's not a bad thing because we can just adjust ourselves. But, "Why create an account for this site when it's the same thing as the other two or even better? And moving to this when you already have tons of friends and followers from the previous sites?"


So I just think the web design can still be enhanced and new features must be added to win many users over. The UI (user interface) must be altered and improved so as not to be compared with the other.


I am both on Goodreads and Tumblr, and I love that this was a combination of the two. Now that I discovered BookLikes, I am looking forward for more updates, and hoping I'd be able to maintain my account here and other book friends will join too.