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Rowdy (The Marked Men, Book 5)

Rowdy (The Marked Men, Book 5) - Jay Crownover I admit it took me a while to finish this--not the book's fault; it was amazing.
I love that Salem and Rowdy were already involved in the past and how the author portrayed their closeness through their memories. It was not an insta-love; it was believable and beautiful how they fell in love. Rowdy is a character I wish my future boyfriend will be like--sweet, romantic, straightforward and sensitive. I love all the characters and how they take care of each other.
Honestly, there are just so many things I like about this book/this series that I just want to write in my review, JUST READ THIS! YOU ARE MISSING OUT IF YOU HAVEN'T YET!
I have not yet read any book like Jay Crownover's works and that's saying something. She writes interesting, original and realistic stories.
I am really looking forward to Asa and Royal's story. And Sayer's too!
(Oh btw, do not read this in PUBLIC! There are a lot of VERY HOT and sexy scenes! Whew. )