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After the Rain - Renée Carlino
"At nineteen, I became cold and hard and looked forward to the end of my bleak existence."

#AfterTheRain progress update: I've read 15%. I never learn. Don't ever read in public (esp. if it's a Renee Carlino book)! Seriously.

After the Rain - Renée Carlino

I have to take a break..

I am getting a lot of stares from people here at McDonalds. Ha ha. Good thing I don't wear make up because now I have tears spilling down my cheeks as I read Chapter 3. I'm sure I look delightful right now. *Insert sarcastic smile*

I get the hashtag #ReneeRuinedMe now. 


#AfterTheRain progress update: I've read 4%.

After the Rain - Renée Carlino

After the Rain has been sitting on my kindle for a while now, and I'm only reading it today because I'm kind of scared. 

I was right. Reading only Chapter 1, I immediately got a sense of impending doom and I knew heartbreak is just looming around the corner..

Hello BookLikes!

So I just discovered this site. BookLikes was founded on 2011. Why haven't I known this website before? 


This is actually a brilliant web application for book lovers! 


BookLikes = Goodreads as a cataloging website + Tumblr as a microblogging platform + social media


Things I like so far:

  1. Easy to navigate
  2. The rating system. Half star, baby!
  3. The option to create a description for reading list 
  4. BookLikes has a lot of potential. It will solve many problems for the book bloggers (when BookLikes gets popular, lol)

    a) It will save you the trouble of creating and maintaining social media accounts to promote your blog and such. (A bit idealistic though since it has to kick Facebook off the curb first, ha ha)

    b) You do not have duplicate your review anymore (e.g. copy/pasting to Goodreads).

5. I just love Tumblr and it was very similar to it so..

6. I need to explore more so I can have a number 6.


It's good that it was already similar to the former websites because it will be convenient for the users to navigate the site due to their familiarity with the interface, but.. users will compare. For example, they will expect to find other features such as the easy star rating of the book, liking and commenting other reviews from the book page, and seeing the actual average rating of the book, etc. In Tumblr, the easy way for liking and reblogging post from the user's profile.


I guess it's not a bad thing because we can just adjust ourselves. But, "Why create an account for this site when it's the same thing as the other two or even better? And moving to this when you already have tons of friends and followers from the previous sites?"


So I just think the web design can still be enhanced and new features must be added to win many users over. The UI (user interface) must be altered and improved so as not to be compared with the other.


I am both on Goodreads and Tumblr, and I love that this was a combination of the two. Now that I discovered BookLikes, I am looking forward for more updates, and hoping I'd be able to maintain my account here and other book friends will join too.


Rowdy (The Marked Men, Book 5)

Rowdy (The Marked Men, Book 5) - Jay Crownover I admit it took me a while to finish this--not the book's fault; it was amazing.
I love that Salem and Rowdy were already involved in the past and how the author portrayed their closeness through their memories. It was not an insta-love; it was believable and beautiful how they fell in love. Rowdy is a character I wish my future boyfriend will be like--sweet, romantic, straightforward and sensitive. I love all the characters and how they take care of each other.
Honestly, there are just so many things I like about this book/this series that I just want to write in my review, JUST READ THIS! YOU ARE MISSING OUT IF YOU HAVEN'T YET!
I have not yet read any book like Jay Crownover's works and that's saying something. She writes interesting, original and realistic stories.
I am really looking forward to Asa and Royal's story. And Sayer's too!
(Oh btw, do not read this in PUBLIC! There are a lot of VERY HOT and sexy scenes! Whew. )

Burying Water

Burying Water - K.A. Tucker Amazing!

Where Sea Meets Sky

Where Sea Meets Sky - Karina Halle So excited for this one!

Never Never

Never Never - Colleen Hoover, Tarryn Fisher OH MY GOSH!! Colleen Hoover AND Tarryn Fisher?!! I have no doubt this will be phenomenal! Added to Most Anticipating Release in 2015!
I will NEVER NEVER MISS IT! I cannot stop using exclamation points!! Here's to counting the days til January 2015!


Tied - Emma Chase I enjoyed this series so much. So sad to part with these characters. I never thought I could be possibly more in love with Drew Evans. He is so smart, loving, sweet and really hilarious. Thank you for the laughs, Drew.
For those who haven't read this series yet, YOU ARE SO MISSING OUT. This is one of the books with the coolest characters and best of all--magnificent narration. Truly unique and unforgettable.

Love Nouveau

Love Nouveau - B.L. Berry Oh my gosh! What a ride! Let me just compose myself (maybe for a few days) and excuse me while I rock myself in the corner..

In Her Wake: A Ten Tiny Breaths Novella

In Her Wake: A Ten Tiny Breaths Novella - K.A. Tucker This is a great prequel for Ten Tiny Breaths. Though I would recommend for you to read TTB first for a great reading experience. You will love Cole's POV. I bawled my eyes out. Then I re-read TTB after reading this, and I cried harder because I know what he's going through. So heart-rending..